Cirugía mini invasiva Laparoscopica Dr Lucas Minig

What is Minimally invasive Laparoscopic or robotic gynecologic surgery?

The minimally invasive surgical technique consists of performing the procedure through small holes instead of large traditional abdominal incisions. In gynecologic surgeries, 3-4 incisions of 5-10 mm are usually needed in different zones of the pelvis.

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Afterward, gas is introduced into the abdominal cavity to distend it and allow for the procedure to be performed.

Through one of the holes, usually the one in the belly button, a camera is introduced and its image is seen by the surgeons on an external screen.

Through the remaining 5 mm incisions, delicate instruments that help carry out each of the surgical procedures are inserted.

Cirugía Laparoscópica

What advantages does minimally invasive laparoscopic-robotic surgery have?

  • Faster postsurgical recovery: In the absence of complications, patients can normally return to their usual daily life between 7-10 days after the surgical procedure.
  • Shorter hospital stay: Patients are usually discharged on the same day of the intervention or the next day at the latest. In exceptional cases, the discharge must be delayed further than 48 hours.
  • Lower level of postsurgical pain: Patients are discharged with common analgesics (Paracetamol, Enantyum, Ibuprofen) taken orally. This is enough to return to their daily life with a tolerable pain level.
  • Lesser aesthetical impact: This is due to smaller abdominal incisions that go unnoticed because of their size.
  • Smaller risk of infection and other complications: This is due to less surgical trauma given the more delicate surgical tools. Thus, apart from increasing surgical precision, the possibility of complications is reduced, including postoperative infections.

Surgical Gynecologic procedures performed with minimally invasive Laparoscopic-Robotic Surgery

The usual procedures performed through Laparoscopy by Doctor Lucas Minig, a specialist in minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery are:

  • Laparoscopic Ovarian Cystectomy: Removal of the ovarian cyst preserving the ovary.
  • Adnexectomy: Removal of one or both ovaries and Fallopian tubes (uterine adnexa).
  • Myomectomy: Removal of myomas. These are located in the uterus and are benign tumors.
  • Tube Removal: Surgical removal of the fallopian tubes.
  • Hysterectomy: Removal of the uterus or womb.
  • Pelvic and abdominal lymphadenectomy: the removal of the lymph nodes surrounding the main arteries and veins of the abdomen and pelvis.
  • Omentectomy: Removal of the fatty tissue bound to the great intestine.
  • Appendectomy: Appendix removal.

Which conditions can be treated by laparoscopic surgery?

List of conditions treated in Valencia, Spain with Minimally Invasive Laparoscopic surgery

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How long is the hospital stay after Minimally Invasive Laparoscopic-robotic Surgery?

In the absence of complications, the hospital stay is usually one day long. In some cases, patients can even be discharged on the same day of the procedure.

During the hospital stay, all patients will be visited by us to oversee their recovery until hospital discharge.

What care should be taken after a laparoscopic – robotic mini-invasive gynecological surgery?

Where to have Laparoscopic Surgery in Spain?

Doctor Lucas Minig, a specialist in surgical treatments using the Laparoscopic Surgery technique, has his practice in the city of Valencia. If you have doubts about your results, first visit your doctor or health professional.

Recommendations at hospital discharge after Laparoscopic Surgery in Spain

In this video Doctor Lucas Minig, a specialist in minimally invasive Laparoscopic Surgeries explains the recommendations to be taken into account by patients once discharged from the hospital in Valencia.

How do I take care of the surgical wounds after Laparoscopic surgery?

Advice about the abdominal incisions after minimally invasive surgery in our operating room by our medical team in Valencia en Valencia led by specialist Lucas Minig.

Frequently Asked Questions about Laparoscopic Surgery

Where to perform laparoscopic surgery in Valencia?

Our laparoscopy operation medical care center is located in Valencia.

Address: Avenida del General Avilés, 90, 46015 Valencia, Spain

What specialist in laparoscopy is there in Valencia, Spain?

Dr. Lucas Minig is a specialist in the treatment of various pathologies through laparoscopic surgery, as well as a specialist in mini-invasive laparoscopic surgery for gynecological cancer.

Patient’s opinions about Minimally Invasive Surgery

Laparoscopy operation performed by the specialist Doctor Lucas Minig in Valencia.

Dr Lucas Minig
Dr Lucas Minig
Dr Lucas Minig
In May 2011 after being admitted to the emergency room for problems with urine. I was attended by Dr. Minig and after meeting me he advised me that I should stay hospitalized to perform the necessary tests to have a clear diagnosis, I had endometriosis and a tumor on the right ovary. We had absolute confidence in him. The operation in Valencia, Spain was scheduled for June 9, it was a long operation but fortunately everything went very well. The recovery was very good and the care received by Dr. Minig was exceptional. He came to see me every day despite the fact that he was not in that hospital at the time and if he couldn't he would call me on the phone, not a single day went by without that he knew how I was recovering, how I was even on Saturdays and Sundays. Thank you for being such a good professional, for continuing to investigate, collaborating whenever asked, for helping so many women. Thank you for always being aware of your patients even if you have to sacrifice your little free time, your patients like me know what I'm talking about.
Verified patient. Uterus Cancer Surgery.
At 32 years of age, I was operated on for Cervical Cancer by Dr. Lucas Minig and his team. Being in an early stage, they performed conservative fertility treatment on me to satisfy my desire to be a mother. Thanks to the treatment carried out, today I am the mother of a beautiful girl who is almost two and a half years old, I will never have enough words of gratitude for Dr. Minig, his close treatment, his professionalism, the confidence transmitted throughout the process and his kindness were essential for me, without a doubt, I recommend him with my eyes closed, an excellent person and professional
Patient operated on for cervical cancer
Rocío, una paciente operada de miomas uterinos y sin hijos; a quien le realizamos una miomectomía (extirpación de miomas) mediante una cirugía Laparocopica mini-invasiva. Rocío nos cuenta su experiencia con la cirugía, la rapidez de su recuperación, y que cosas son las más importante para ella al momento de decidir operarse. Muchas gracias por compartir tu experiencia, Rocío!
operada de miomectomía laparoscópica

If you have questions about your results, ask your doctor or health care professional.

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