Anti-incontincence Implant

Implante Anti-incontinencia Dr Lucas Minig

How is stress urinary incontinence treated?

Tension-free vaginal implant (mesh) for urinary incontinence.

The placement of a tension-free vaginal implant is a surgery that helps control stress urinary incontinence, the urine leakage you experience when you laugh, cough, sneeze, lift heavy objects or exercise.

The surgery helps close the urethra (the duct that carries urine from the bladder to the outside) and the bladder neck (the part of the bladder that connects to the urethra) after these events.

What does the placement of a mesh – implant for urinary incontinence entail?

You are given either general or spinal anesthesia before the surgery.

With general anesthesia, you will be asleep and will not experience any pain.

With spinal anesthesia, you will be awake but unsensitized from the waist down and will not feel pain.

A catheter is placed in the bladder to drain urine from the organ.

A small surgical cut (incision) is made inside the vagina. Two small cuts are made in the abdomen right over the line where pubic hair grows.

A special synthetic tape (artificial mesh) is passed through the incision in the vagina. Afterward, the tape is placed under the urethra. An end of the tape passes through one of the incisions in the abdomen. The other end passes through the other abdominal incision.

The doctor then adjusts the tension (tightness) of the tape enough to give support to the urethra. This amount of support is the reason why the surgery is called tension-free. If you are not given general anesthesia, they may ask you to cough. This is to evaluate the tension of the tape.

After adjusting the tension, the ends of the tape are cut close to the skin in the incisions. As it heals, the scar tissue formed in the incisions will hold the ends of the tape in place so the urethra is supported.

The surgery takes about 1 hour.

Alternative names

TOT (Transobturator tape)

Testimonials from patients Urinary anti-incontinence implant

Doctor Lucas Minig Specialist in urinary incontinence treatment in Valencia, Spain

Dr Lucas Minig
Dr Lucas Minig
Todo ha sido más que excelente! Estaba un poco tensa y el dr me calmó completamente con su amabilidad y conocimiento. Definitivamente volveré a hacer cada examen de incontinencia urinaria con él.
Ana F.
Ayuda frente a Incontinencia Urinaria constante
Todo ha ido según lo esperado en el tratamiento para incontinencia urinaria. Un trato excelente por parte del Dr. Lucas Minig. Nos volveremos a ver.
Luisa F.
Paciente operada de Incontinencia de Orina

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