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The main therapeutic strategy in women with ovarian cancer is the combination of ultra-radical surgery that removes the entire disease with the administration of chemotherapy. Even so, there is a possibility that, after a very variable period of time, the tumor will reproduce again. (Tumor relapse)

However, the study also highlights the importance that surgery should be performed by adequately trained gynecologic oncologists to obtain complete removal of the tumor in the maximum number of patients possible.

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Treatment of recurrences of ovarian cancer

Some of the patients who have undergone treatment/surgery with a specialist in Ovarian Cancer may have a relapse, which is why they may recur their disease.

Treatment for recurrent patients is stipulated depending on the time elapsed from the end of chemotherapy until the diagnosis of recurrence, also influencing the location of cancer in the ovaries and the extent of the disease in the patient, (hepatic, splenic, exclusive intestinal, pelvic metastases, etc.) so they could once again be candidates for surgical treatment for relapse and thus increase the patient’s survival, (Contact and consult with our specialist team in Treatment of Ovarian Cancer Relapses in Spain) said treatment must pursue the same objective, prevent the disease from spreading and leave no visible residual disease.

For this, a strategy similar to the treatment of the disease when it first appeared would have to be implemented: adequate surgery with a specialist, followed by chemotherapy.

There is no single method that works to treat all cases of recurrent ovarian cancer

According to a phase 3 study recently presented at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO 2020), the combination of cytoreductive surgery with chemotherapy significantly prolonged progression-free time and overall survival among selected patients with recurrent ovarian cancer who had a platinum-free interval (a type of chemotherapy) of more than 6 months.

Thus, the AGO DESKTOP III / ENGOT ov20 trial is the first prospective, randomized study to show an overall survival benefit for cytoreductive surgery in patients with recurrent ovarian cancer.

Among 406 patients at first relapse, median overall survival was 53.7 months for those randomized to cytoreductive surgery plus chemotherapy and 46 months for patients randomized to chemotherapy alone (P = .02).

«The overall survival benefit was greater and was seen exclusively in the cohort with complete surgical resection of the tumor, indicating the importance of a careful selection process of both the correct patient and the most trained surgical team», said researcher Andreas du Bois, MD, of the Kliniken Essen-Mitte. (Germany). The median survival improvement for patients with platinum-free intervals of more than 6 months who undergo complete resection is nearly 16 months «and it’s worth it», he added.

The guest commentator for Dr. du Bois’s presentation was Robert L. Coleman, MD, scientific director of the US Oncology Network.

Dr. Coleman noted that “The DESKTOP III study met its primary objective of improving overall survival in addition to a progression-free survival benefit.” The study also proposes an identification algorithm to select approximately 75% of patients who are likely to benefit from secondary debulking surgery.

In this way, this study highlights the relevance of surgery in women with a relapse of ovarian cancer. However, the study also highlights the importance of surgery being performed correctly by adequately trained gynecological oncologists to obtain complete removal of the tumor, and thus maximize patient survival.

“To date, there is no effective treatment that gives such magnitude of benefit as adequate surgery as initial treatment in advanced ovarian cancer, since it is capable of extending survival by almost 30%”, says Dr. Lucas Minig.

ASACO, the Spanish Association of patients affected by ovarian and gynecological cancer, is carrying out numerous activities to make the population aware of the importance of being alert to the appearance of ovarian cancer symptoms, and once diagnosed, go to centers of reference that have gynecological oncologists.

¿Did you know…?

If a woman has first- or second-degree relatives with ovarian or breast cancer, she should ask her doctor about genetic testing for BRCA.

Most women with germ cell tumors can be cured by removal of the affected ovary and tube plus combination chemotherapy, usually bleomycin, cisplatin, and etoposide. Radiation therapy is rarely used.

It is not one of the most frequent cancers, but it is one of the most in need of innovation in recent years and therefore, to increase the life expectancy of patients with ovarian cancer.

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Identify who would benefit most from the second surgery

When ovarian cancer comes back, how and where the tumors multiply and spread in the body varies greatly from person to person, so it’s necessary to use all available strategies to best eliminate or control cancer recurrence.

Sometimes the cancer is in one or two places, but other times it is spread over many organs, in which case a longer and more complicated operation is needed.

Most people with recurrent ovarian cancer were treated with surgery and chemotherapy when they were first diagnosed with the disease. But then the doubts that arise are whether the person has the physical capacity to tolerate a second surgery and whether the surgeon will be able to access one or more sites where the cancer is, check with us the Doubts and Frequently Asked Questions about relapse of breast cancer ovary getting answers with Doctor Lucas Minig, specialist in Advanced Oncology and Gynecology.

Results do not apply in all cases

If surgery is an option, we must think carefully about who will be in charge of performing the entire procedure. The ideal is to perform the surgery for relapse of ovarian cancer with a professional Oncology and Gynecology surgeon with a medical team of high surgical quality and experience.

Cytoreduction Surgery for Ovarian Cancer

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    Dr Lucas Minig
    Dr Lucas Minig
    Dr Lucas Minig
    I was operated on last July, after detecting an ovarian tumor in May, with all the signs of being malignant. Fortunately, it was Dr. Minig who gave me peace of mind to face such a delicate intervention. Now, after preventive chemotherapy treatment, I am "perfect" in her words. THANK YOU Dr. Minig for your professionalism, but above all for being such a good person.
    Eva Garcia Romo
    for cancer relapse care in Valencia, Spain
    Thank you Dr. Minig for being so close and transmitting so much calm and security with your explanations, delighted to have met you in this situation in my life in which I was so afraid of having the disease come back and you have helped me.
    Maria Paz GR
    Patient therapeutic strategy in women with ovarian cancer
    Doctor Lucas Mining, is a 5-star professional, with exceptional charisma... I will be eternally grateful for his love for his profession and for his patients and family. May God continue to grant you wisdom Doctor Lucas... you are wonderful. Blessings to you and your team. Thank you thank you thank you.
    Ovarian cancer relapse surgery patient.

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