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Get A Second Medical Opinion On Your Reports

Second Opinion offered by Doctor Lucas Minig

If you have any doubts about the diagnosis or prescribed treatment, you can ask for a second medical opinion with Doctor Lucas Minig.

With our second opinion we offer you:

Find the best medical specialist for your specific case.

Assessment of your case by high-level medical specialists

Solve all your doubts and questions

Check if your treatment is adequate

Segunda Opinión Medica Dr Lucas MInig

A second medical opinion is a valuable resource when a patient faces a complex or difficult-to-treat disease. For various reasons, most people tend to have limited access to specialized care, thereby limiting the quality of care for their disease.

The second medical opinion is the assessment made by an expert doctor on the diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and future directions of a clinical process of a patient when, in a first report:

The patient has been diagnosed with a disease with a reserved prognosis or one that significantly affects their health.

A risk treatment has been indicated.

Once the diagnosis is complete and as long as no urgent treatment is required.

The second medical opinion is also indicated in healthcare processes or procedures that, at the patient’s discretion, require expanding or completing the medical information to resolve doubts and generate confidence and security.

How To Request a Second Medical Opinion?

Second Oncology Opinions are offered online with Doctor Lucas Minig, specialist Gynecologist Oncologist, through the following steps:


Fill out the form or telephone contact our secretaries and send medical reports.


Medical evaluation by our multidisciplinary team for a second opinion.


Video Consultation and face-to-face visit; and sending a detailed medical report with the plan to be carried out.

What documentation is required to request a second clinical opinion?

To carry out a Second Opinion with our specialized doctors, it is only necessary that you send us this information.

  • Last medical report issued by your specialist
  • Images of the latest diagnostic tests
  • Identification document (ID (DNI) / Passport)

Last medical report issued by your specialist

Where your personal and family history, medical-surgical aspects, toxic habits, current medication are detailed and where the clinical diagnosis/judgment, the evolution of your disease and the treatments proposed and/or received are summarized.

Images of the latest diagnostic tests

Send us the latest CT, PET, MRI, as well as the latest relevant laboratory tests or biopsies that you have.

Identification Document

Attach a photo of your ID or passport.
In the event that the patient is a minor or you are their legal guardian, an image of the document that proves the condition of father/mother/guardian (DNI of the minor or family book).

Request Second Medical Opinion

    Consultation Specialty (*)

    Reason for consultation (*)

    Who performs the second opinion?

    Specify if you are the Patient or it is your Father, Mother or Legal Guardian

    Personal Information

    Name (*)

    Surnames (*)

    Email (*)

    DNI / NIE / Passport (*)

    Date of birth


    Country (*)

    Home Address (*)

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    Mobile (*)

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    Has surgery been recommended and you’re not sure if it’s the right thing to do?
    Or don’t you recommend an effective treatment for your problem?
    So contacting Doctor Lucas Minig may be the alternative you’ve been waiting for.
    If you want more information, contact us.

    Opinión Medica Espana

    When Should I Get A Second Medical Opinion?

    There are five scenarios in which a second opinion can be especially valuable. We mention them below.

    1. If the doctor cannot determine with certainty your health problem

    Many diseases have similar symptoms. In some cases, that can make it difficult for your doctor to make an accurate diagnosis. Seeking a second opinion will allow another specialist to recommend additional tests to narrow down the possible diagnoses.

    2. If you are diagnosed with a rare or unusual disease

    Rare diseases represent a challenge for doctors, as very few, including specialists, are familiar with the symptoms, which can lead to an incorrect diagnosis. Likewise, these conditions require doctors with extensive experience in the corresponding treatment. A second opinion will allow you to confirm both the diagnosis and the treatment for a rare disease.

    3. If your doctor recommends that you undergo surgery

    In certain cases, surgery should not be the first treatment you try. This issue is of vital importance when dealing with gynecological diseases that are usually relieved with non-surgical medical treatments. This is why, if surgery is recommended, it is advisable to seek a second medical opinion.

    4. If you are diagnosed with Cancer

    A second opinion for cancer patients may include a review of the diagnosis itself, cancer staging and even treatment recommendations. The latter is important, since a second medical oncology opinion can prevent you from receiving excessive or insufficient treatment. They can also recommend a non-invasive and more effective treatment.

    5. If you have difficulty understanding and communicating with your doctor

    Your doctor may be experienced and knowledgeable, but if you feel uncomfortable talking to him or feel he or she can’t interpret your concerns and questions, getting a second opinion can help you find another specialist with a more open communication, who can answer all your questions and give you more confidence.

    If you feel identified with any of these points do not wait any longer, health does not wait.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Second Medical Opinion

    How much does the Second Medical Opinion with Dr. Lucas Minig cost?

    Price of the Second Opinion 150€

    The 2nd Opinion with Dr Lucas Minig establishes a price of 150 € and can be paid by bank transfer. For this process, please fill out the form requested above and we will contact you as soon as possible for the treatment of the case and offer a second opinion.

    How much does a second medical opinion cost?, frequently asked question when receiving a second diagnosis.

    Who can request the second opinion?
    • The patient himself may request a second medical opinion if he is over 16 years of age.
    • In case of being under 16 years of age, the request for the 2nd opinion must be made through the patient’s guardian or legal representative in case of being legally incapacitated.
    What documents can I send in the Online Medical Opinion?

    To examine each case and get to the bottom of the matter, studying its peculiarities. If you have a first diagnosis, it is highly recommended that you send us all the evidence, in addition to your personal opinion on the case.

    • Medical and diagnostic reports.
    • Data of the last diagnosis.
    • Medical images or files that may be worthy of analysis.
    • Lab results.
    • X-rays.
    • A description of your current symptoms and your health status.
    • Etc.

    Contact us to advise you on the necessary documentation.

    Can I request the 2nd medical opinion from anywhere in the world?

    Yes, technology has ended distances and broken down all borders. Dr. Lucas Minig and his medical team are available to attend any request from all over the world.

    We have helped many patients from abroad, outside of Spain, in Europe, Asia and South America as the main connoisseurs of our services, from all over the world, to find the medical specialist they needed.

    What to do if I have a problem with the application?

    If you have any problem with the second opinion request (request sent without an answer, payment, documentation, others) through our form, email or telephone service. You can contact our professionals by phone: 679 112 179 or throught the Contact Form

    Our secretaries will be in charge of managing your problem and will notify you when it is solved.

    Patient Testimonials Second Medical Opinion

    Doctor Lucas Minig Specialist in Second Medical Opinion in Valencia, Spain

    Dr Lucas Minig
    Dr Lucas Minig
    Susana Heredia Opinion of Doctor Lucas Minig
    Opinion Merche operated by Doctor Lucas Minig
    Dr Lucas Minig
    Dr Lucas Minig
    Dr Lucas Minig
    Dr Lucas Minig
    When the worst prognosis (ovarian adenocarcinoma) was confirmed one day in April 2011, Dr. Lucas Minig entered my life and became part of my gallery of heroes. With Dr. Minig, a smile, strength and empathy entered my room every day like I have rarely encountered in my life. I will never thank Dr. Minig enough for his love, drive, effort, and many other things that I cannot describe now, because emotion prevents me. I have never met anyone with such a clear calling in such a difficult undertaking. God bless you Lucas and I pray that you can help many women as you did me.
    Beatriz Fernández
    Ovarian Adenocarcinoma Treatment
    Five years ago Dr. Minig operated on me for ovarian cancer. The surgery went very well and the subsequent ovarian cancer treatment has also allowed me to get on with my life. I will always appreciate the doctor's work but, above all, the diagnosis phase was decisive, because of how he spoke to me, how he explained everything to me, with sincerity, clarity, closeness and a lot of affection towards me and my family. And thanks to that I had the necessary confidence to face everything with sufficient serenity and courage. It would not have been the same if I did not get to have Dr. Minig, whom I will always be grateful for his dedication.
    Juana Zayas
    Operation on a patient with ovarian cancer
    Two months after my 35th birthday, and two years after having my second child, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. After an ultrasound they saw a 10 cm cyst on the left ovary, they referred me to an ovarian cancer expert, I had never heard of a gynecologist oncologist. I have recommended Dr. Minig on several occasions and will continue to do so, for his human warmth but above all for the great professional he is. He is an expert in gynecological oncological surgery, an expert in ovarian cancer, therefore there is greater SURVIVAL and better quality during the operation and treatment.
    Susana Heredia
    Patient testimony Ovarian Cancer Operation.
    I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in the middle of my first pregnancy. I had to undergo diagnostic surgery at 20 weeks gestation and when I found out the result of the biopsy I left the office completely stunned. I am very clear that thanks to changing hospitals and meeting Dr. Minig and that team of doctors, my son and I are here and although I cannot have more children, I am aware of how lucky I am. I am also clear that without the love of my family I do not know where I would be at this moment.
    Diagnosed with ovarian cancer, surgery performed in Spain
    Eva was, and is even more so today, a very active woman writer. He details all the things that went through his mind when he found out he had cancer and how this disease changed his life for the better. Today already recovered and fully enjoying life.
    A patient operated on for ovarian cancer by Doctor Lucas Minig in Valencia.
    My family was absolutely an anchor, they have always seen things positively, I was very lucky with my friends, thanks to the expert doctor in ovarian cancer I was able to return to my family and friends.
    Patient operated on for ovarian cancer with peritoneal carcinomatosis
    This video describes the opinion of Florentina, a patient operated on for advanced ovarian cancer with peritoneal carcinomatosis due to advanced ovarian cancer. The importance of 3 things stands out: Never lose hope, go to specialized professionals, and the help of the psychologist-oncologist to know how to interpret the problem and come out stronger. Thanks for your testimony!
    Patient operated on for advanced ovarian cancer with peritoneal carcinomatosis
    My family has always been there, in everything, at first I was sunk but you have to trust the doctor and the treatments, the first thing I asked was if my hair was going to fall out, but hey, it grows back, you have to be very positive that advanced ovarian cancer with peritoneal carcinomatosis gets ahead.
    Patient operated on for advanced ovarian cancer with peritoneal carcinomatosis

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