[:es]Testimonio de Sandi, operada de Cáncer de cérvix, Dr Lucas Minig, Ginecólogo, Valencia España[:]

Testimony of Sandi, Operated patient for Cervical Cancer by Dr. Lucas Minig. Valencia Spain

My name is Sandi Racco, I am from Canada and have been living in Australia for the last nine years.

About six months ago I went in for my routine Pap smear and HPV test and the result was abnormal I tested positive for the HPV virus.

So it was scary to hear that.

The next step was to go for a colposcopy with a specialist who observed that I had a grade 3 pre-malignant lesion (CIN III).

So he referred me to a gynecologic oncologist so the next step was conization

I got the results and I had a very early stage 1A1 cervical cancer, a very very small tumor, and the margins were clear.

Even though the doctor said that because I’ve already had my children I’m a little older, it would probably be safer for me to have a hysterectomy.

In the meantime, I decided to get a second opinion from another doctor just to make sure everyone was on the same page about what I should do.

Search for the specialist worldwide.

The second doctor advised me to have a second conization before the hysterectomy to know the correct type of hysterectomy.

And I did, and within a week I found out there was another little tumor and it changed my tumor stage from 1A1 to 1A2.

In Australia, where I live in Perth, they advised me to do a radical hysterectomy along with complete removal of the pelvic nodes, “lymphadenectomy” I think they call it, and they wanted me to do it the traditional way, not laparoscopically not minimally invasive.

I had already done some research on minimally invasive surgery for cervical cancer. And there were published studies on the subject, specifically the LACC study, and I wanted to know more, so I asked my doctor about it, but he told me that the risk factors that the LACC study looked at had been discussed there and were a more recurrence and risk of death.

So when I was doing my research I came across a Youtube video of Dr. Lucas Ming, he did it in English it was wonderful, it was very easy for me to understand what he was saying and I thought “I need to talk to this doctor” “I think he will be able to help me make a decision about which way to go”

Therefore, I contacted the email address on their website on the Internet and we organized a video conference via Skype (Online Medical Consultation) and it went very well.

He has explained to me all the questions I had in detail, and it went very well… he was able to answer, and I had a lot of questions after that too and I sent him a lot of emails with questions and he was always very attentive to answering them, and I even had several more conference calls after that maybe two or three, and I apologize for all the questions, but he was very very kind and willing to answer everything, because he, he knew how important it was for me to have the right answers.

Because my family is from Toronto, I decided to contact some doctors in Toronto Canada, also to get their opinion. And this is very important when you are going through something like this: second, third, fourth opinions: do it! because there is no one way to do it.

I was able to deal with the chief of surgery at Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto and the chief of surgery at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto. And they recommended me something very similar to Dr. Minig. So now I had to decide“who was going to perform the intervention”

And I wanted to do this as soon as possible because obviously it’s cancer and you don’t want to wait too long, you don’t want it to spread, but I also went to the doctor that I felt most comfortable with, so I came to the doctor’s office in Valencia, Spain to my procedure and I never thought that I would ever do something like that, but when you are going through a health problem you have to look at all your options and for me, this was the best option and I am very very happy that I did it.

Laparoscopic hysterectomy treatment performed

I had my procedure just over a week ago (2022): a laparoscopic hysterectomy with sentinel load biopsy. My biopsy came back clean and I have no trace of cancer on my cervix.

I’m amazed that after a day, or really the same day, I can get out of bed and walk around, go to the bathroom by myself, shower by myself, and do all the normal stuff; that I came to another country and to have been able to walk around the city and shop and go to restaurants and climb a castle within a few days of my surgery, I probably did a little too much, but I was able to do it and so it’s really a miracle that it was able to receive this type of surgery with that type of results.

Recommendation of the patient with Cervical Cancer operated by Lucas Minig in Spain.

My recommendation for women who are going through this type of situation is that they do not be afraid to get a second opinion and a third or fourth opinion.

The doctors where you live may not have all the answers for you; they might not have the best procedures to offer them to you as it was for me.

Look for doctors in areas of the world where they are more advanced where they have more experience and have done this type of procedure more often

And you will probably find doctors, like me, who are able to do it in a less invasive way, with a faster recovery, you will be walking the next day instead of weeks later; if not necessary, of course.

If they tell you that you might have cancer or if they tell you that you have cancer, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to die.

There are so many treatments available now and we have come this far in this world to treat these things it was a shock to me as it might be to most women but you will be fine find a good doctor and they will take you through the right steps and everything will be fine.

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