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Videos of Opinions Surgeries and Treatments by Lucas Minig

Compilation of videos of patient testimonials operated by Doctor Lucas Minig and his team in Valencia, Spain. Dr. Minig treats patients living in different parts of Spain as well as other countries in Europe and the world including Australia, Russia, Canada, and the United States, among others. Here you can see the testimony of some of our patients detailing their experience of having been treated by Dr. Lucas Minig and his team.

Testimony of Tania, patient operated on for endometriosis.

I am Tania, a patient with endometriosis. Since I got my first period I had problems, I always had a lot of colic pain, infections… In 2009 the situation became very complicated, I had severe pain to the point of fainting and it compromised my life personally and at work. I decided to go to some specialists to ask for a second opinion in gynecology and at that moment they discovered that I had deep endometriosis.

Sandi, Paciente operada de Cáncer de Cérvix.

I had my procedure a little over a week ago: a laparoscopic hysterectomy with sentinel load biopsy. My biopsy came back clean and I have no trace of cervical cancer.

I’m amazed that after a day, or really the same day, I can get out of bed and walk around, go to the bathroom by myself, shower by myself, and do all the normal stuff; that I came to another country and to have been able to walk around the city and shop and go to restaurants and climb a castle within a few days of my surgery, I probably did a little too much, but I was able to do it and so it’s really a miracle that it was able to receive this type of surgery with these types of results.

The testimony of Rocío operated on laparoscopic myomectomy.

Here I share the testimony of Rocío, a patient operated on for uterine fibroids and without children; to whom we perform a myomectomy (removal of fibroids) through a minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery. Rocío tells us about her experience with the surgery, the speed of her recovery, and what things are the most important to her when deciding to have surgery. Thank you very much for sharing your experience, Rocío!

Angeles, patient operated on for advanced ovarian cancer with peritoneal carcinomatosis

«my family has always been there, in everything», «at first I felt down but you have to trust the doctor and the treatments» «the first thing I asked is if my hair was going to fall out, but well, it grows again» «you have to be very positive to get ahead»

Charo, a patient undergoing cytoreduction surgery for advanced ovarian cancer

«During the treatment, I was able to continue with my life practically in a normal way»; «Today, after 10 years, I am a grandmother, I am in perfect condition, and I am the president of ASACO, the Spanish association of people affected by ovarian cancer»

Arancha, a patient undergoing cytoreduction surgery for advanced ovarian cancer with peritoneal carcinomatosis

“The first time the word cancer was mentioned to me, I felt afraid”; “You have to find a reason to go on” “You have to live life every minute”, “You learn to appreciate all those little things”

Ma Paz, a patient operated on for uterine cancer

«The worst was the uncertainty». «fear, anguish is felt», «doctors have to be close and pleasant with us, apart from being good professionals»

This video describes the testimony of Eva, a patient operated on for ovarian cancer.

Eva was and is even more so today, a very active female writer. She details all the things that went through her mind when she found out she had cancer and how it changed her life for the better, this disease. Today already recovered and fully enjoying life









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