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What does it consist of and what are the advantages of robotic surgery in gynecology?

Minimally invasive robotic surgery represents the technological evolution of conventional laparoscopic surgery. Although both types of surgical procedures are performed through small holes of less than 7 mm, robotic surgery has been developed to overcome the limitations of laparoscopic surgery.

Through robotic surgery, almost all surgical interventions related to the internal genital organs of women can be performed. However, for now, its use is reserved for highly complex surgeries that require great precision.


Therefore, although some benign diseases such as certain types of genital prolapse or uterine fibroids can be treated surgically using the Da Vinci, the possibility that the robot offers in surgery to approach anatomical spaces with greater clarity and safety means that cervical cancer, the uterus, and ovaries are its main indication.

Incisión Abdominal

Advantages of minimally invasive robotic surgery:

Faster post-surgical recovery

A lower level of postoperative pain

Reduced negative cosmetic impact due to smaller abdominal incisions

Quick return to routine activity

Shorter hospitalization time

Lower risk of infection and other complications

The main advantages of the Da Vinci® Surgical System include

1. The vision in three dimensions. (Laparoscopic Surgery: 2D)

2. The presence of 4 arms that hold, without shaking and without letting go, the endoscopic instruments and the camera. (Laparoscopic surgery: the same surgeon moves the instruments assuming the natural tremor)

3. The great mobility of endoscopic instruments allows intra-corporeal movements in all directions of space, intuitively simulating those of the human hand.

Cirugía con Robot
Robot Davinci XI Cirugía Robótica Valencia

Operation of the Da Vinci XI Robot

The Da Vinci XI robot is, among the Da Vinci systems, the most evolved platform, as well as the most advanced system for minimally invasive robotic surgery.
The Da Vinci XI Robot is made up of 3 parts:

Surgical console that is the control center managed by Doctor Lucas Minig surgeon

Vision tower containing the central image processing unit.

The patient cart that is made up of 4 mobile and interchangeable arms

Where to perform robotic surgery in Spain?

You can consult our medical center, directed by Doctor Lucas Minig, a specialist in robotic surgeries in Spain, based in Valencia, find us here -> Av. del General Avilés, 90, 46015 València, Valencia Spain.

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All the advantages described above allow the surgeon to perform surgeries more precisely, a Da Vinci robot operation with greater safety and with a much shorter learning curve. In this way, tissue trauma is reduced and patient recovery is improved

The Da Vinci robot allows the surgeon to perform the intervention through 4 high-precision mechanical arms that are directed by the surgeon himself, who is supported by a 3D vision camera that is inserted inside the patient.

The great mobility of endoscopic instruments allows intra-corporeal movements to be carried out in all directions of space with greater safety and precision than that of the human hand, so there is less trauma to the tissues.

The possibilities of robotic surgery in the future will multiply with the implementation of 5G and virtual reality. Thus, we will be able to operate on complex patients who are in other hospitals anywhere in the world and who have the same technology.

The patient will no longer have to travel to other cities, it will be the doctors who operate from a distance, assisted by professionals in their hospital center. Meet with our specialists in robotic surgery in Valencia, with excellent recommendations on the Da Vinci robot, opinions and testimonials of surgeries performed by Doctor Lucas Minig.

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How should surgical wounds be cared for after robotic surgery?

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