Patient help

Patient help

The integral attention on which we work means that we also collaborate in synchrony with associations of patients affected by gynecological cancer such as the Spanish Association of Ovarian Cancer Survivors (ASACO). 


In addition, we collaborate intensely in campaigns of social diffusion of gynecological cancer destined to give you information on your gynecological cancer and to raise awareness among the population

  • World ovarian cancer day
  • World March Globeathon
  • VIII Congress of cancer patients


Social and psychological help for women with cancer



Many of the diseases that people currently suffer are, in reality, a combination of both organic problems and imbalances of the mind and emotions. The traditional medical treatments seek to solve the problems from the organic perspective itself. However, a holistic conception of people with different diseases would have to include, for example, the control of the body’s emotions and energies.

In this sense, REIKI is a millenarian Japanese technique that unlocks and rebalances energy, reaching the bottom of the origin of a disease. It also lowers the levels of anxiety, grief, fear, insecurity, loneliness, panic, etc. It progressively increases the internal vital energy, producing a cellular and immune system rearrangement (defenses of the organism), and influences the natural improvement of the patient. It consists of three phases: short-term palliative effect upon reaching a state of deep relaxation and well-being; change in behavior patterns when feeling good about oneself and happy; definitive disappearance of the symptom or disease when the unlocking completely disappears.

It is one of the ideal complements to traditional medical treatments of some diseases that women suffer from such as cancer, endometriosis, chronic pelvic pain or certain disorders of pregnancy.


Self-help groups

Meeting with people who have the same type of illness and sharing experiences and feelings can be useful. They usually generate weekly or monthly meetings that can be done in physical presence or, currently, on-line through video conferences. Likewise, more and more people are currently enrolled in forums or social networks to write and share their daily experiences with their illness.


Physical activity

Staying active during the treatment and after its completion is also essential. Physical activity releases hormones (endorphins) that improve mood and decrease the feeling of physical fatigue.


Complementary treatments

The use of complementary treatments such as homeopathy, yoga, Tai-Chi, or others represent other very important strategies. Commonly, they usually help patients to control moments of anxiety, to find the reason for their own existence and to face the disease with greater integrity.

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