The aim is to identify the specific problem of each patient to be able to establish the best strategy of care with the most innovative and effective treatments.Thus, the personalized treatment for each of our patients allows us to provide the best possible clinical results based on comprehensive care and excellence.

Comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach

The holistic approach consists of a vision of the patient beyond the disease itself. In this way, diagnostic and therapeutic strategies tailored to the needs and expectations of each individual can be established, also taking into consideration aspects as important as psychological or emotional.

Given that the different modalities of diagnosis and treatment are in constant evolution, the decision of the best strategy may require the participation of numerous specialists who know the advances in each specific area. Thus, the care of our patients is carried out by a multidisciplinary team of doctors specialized in each type of disease.

Our main objective is to provide the best quality of patient care, based on professional and personal excellence.

On the day of your appointment, please do NOT forget

  1. The name of your doctor or the referral institution.
  2. Your medical history with the treatments received previously. This includes any complementary diagnostic studies done previously: CT scan, magnetic resonance imaging, result of biopsies, etc. This information is important to avoid repeating the same studies again. It will also allow our professionals to make the best decision regarding the most appropriate therapeutic strategy for each particular case.
  3. A list with the names and telephone numbers of 2 contacts.
  4. A list of questions you want to ask the specialist at the time of your appointment.
  5. A pen and a paper. Making notes at the time of the visit will increase the effectiveness of the doctor-patient communication, while avoiding errors or misunderstandings.This will help you have a more pleasant and effective interview with us.

Second opinion

A second medical opinion is a valuable resource when a patient or doctor faces complex cases and it is difficult to establish a treatment for the disease. For several reasons, most people usually have limited access to specialized care.

For us, it is a priority to collaborate with professionals from other institutions and with patients who require a specialized opinion. The objective is to establish a fast, effective communication system. This will allow us to work in close relationship and provide the patient with a professional, warm, and humane treatment.

Once the patients obtain their second opinion, or in many cases, at the end of treatment provided by us, patients are sent back to their place of origin with the guidelines for future treatments. We provide the patient´s physician with some suggested follow-up rules to be completed at his own discretion.

In this way, a link is established between the patient’s referring physician and us, providing the greatest comfort for the patient and her family. We, however, remain linked to any future problems that may arise in relation to the health of the patient.

Both, the patient and her doctor, can contact us to obtain a second specialized opinion.