Tratamiento quirúrgico cáncer de mama

Surgical treatment breast cancer

Surgical treatment of breast cancer – sentinel lymph node technique


Surgical treatment of breast cancer is divided into surgery on the breast and on the lymph nodes


Surgical treatments on the breast

  • Conservative surgery (lumpectomy or quadrantectomy): Consists in the partial removal of the tumor with a margin of normal tissue around it. The objective is to preserve as much healthy breast tissue as possible to obtain the best aesthetic result, but ensuring the complete removal of the tumor with an optimum margin of safety.

In certain circumstances, the lesions are not palpable to the exploration, which is why it is necessary to place a metal guide prior to the surgery with the objective of an adequate identification of the lesion during the surgery.

  • Mastectomy: It is the removal of the entire mammary gland, including part of the skin and nipple-areola complex. This procedure is performed only in selected cases where it is not possible to preserve part of the breast for oncological reasons.


Surgical treatments on the lymph nodes:

  • Sentinel lymph node technique consists of the extirpation of the first lymph nodes of the axilla. This is the sentinel node and would be the first ganglion to receive metastases from the tumor. To do this, a substance (isotope colloid) is injected around the tumor before surgery. The histological study of the lymph node is performed during the same surgical act. If negative, this avoids the dissection and extirpation of the entire lymph node group of the axilla. This situation significantly reduces the morbidity associated with a complete axillary lymphadenectomy.
  • Axillary lymphadenectomy: is a radical surgery on the lymphatic chains of the axilla that includes the removal of all the axillary fatty tissue. It is indicated in the following cases:
    • Sonographic and histological confirmation (biopsy) of the presence of tumor cells in suspicious axillary lymph nodes
    • Sentinel lymph node that cannot be identified during surgery
    • Sentinel lymph node with tumor cells in the intra-operative study.

During admission, all patients will be seen by our specialists to ensure the best and fastest recovery.

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