What does endometrial cancer look like?

What does endometrial cancer look like?

Endometrial cancer usually affects women around 60-65 years old. It commonly presents with symptoms such as bleeding in postmenopausal women, which alerts them to visit a Gynecologist. Therefore, the survival es close to 90%, because most cases are diagnosed in the early stages.

When the tumor is localized in the uterine cavity, it can be of different sizes and can infiltrate the uterine wall to a greater or lesser extent.

This will determine the odds of the tumor spreading to the pelvic lymph nodes and, more rarely, to other distant organs such as the liver or the lung.

With an early diagnosis and a correct treatment, endometrial cancer has a high cure rate and a good medium and long-term survival. That is why it is fundamental for women to be aware of the main symptom of this tumor which is bleeding after menopause.

You must visit a specialized Gynecologists who work in multidisciplinary teams and who approach this condition from a comprehensive perspective of the disease

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