Surgery for ovarian cancer performed by a Gynecologic Oncologist improves survival

Dr. Lucas Minig is a Medicine Professor, Gynecologic Oncologist specializing in high-complexity gynecologic surgery who is currently working in Valencia, Spain.


His profession has led him to specialize in cytoreductive surgery for advanced ovarian cancer with peritoneal carcinomatosis as well as in other gynecologic cancers. Also, he treats patients with any benign gynecologic condition that requires high-complexity surgery.
Dr. Minig is passionate about his profession and treats women from Valencia, and the rest of Spain, as well as international patients. If this is the case, a person from the team will guide them to carry out a video consultation for a second opinion. In case there is the need to come to Valencia for the surgery, they will be offered help and assistance so the process is easier and faster.
“As a Gynecologist, I know the importance of humane treatment with my patients, That is why I personally take care of the whole healthcare process from the first consultation. Along with my highly-qualified team, we perform all of the surgical procedures controlling the clinical evolution even after hospital discharge”
Dr. Lucas Minig has specialized in Gynecologic Oncology in the main referral centers for cancer in the world to perform these surgical procedures and offer high-quality, individualized, and excellent care.
Cytoreductive surgery for advanced ovarian cancer is highly complex because the main goal is to remove every lesion. This, sometimes, can include performing surgery on the diaphragm, bowel, and peritoneum. This is the only way to actually contribute to its possible cure.
Additionally, Dr. Lucas Minig and his team use robotic and laparoscopic surgery in all of their procedures where indicated. While this requires long and specific training, we can significantly improve the patient’s recovery, reducing pain levels and days of hospital stay.
Dr. Lucas Minig works with specialists from different disciplines involved in gynecologic cancer and high-complexity surgery.
“Teamwork is essential in this context of such complexity. This way, we analyze and study each case where we make a diagnostic and therapeutic decision for each one of our patients”.
He has dedicated his whole life to his profession, and the relentless effort to make progress and innovation in his field of specialty.
“The goal is ultimately to provide a close, personalized and excellent care, approaching each patient’s problems from a multidisciplinary and individualized perspective to guarantee the success of the treatment, as well as the quality of life of each patient”

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